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Tallman Talk #10: Holiday Films

Holiday Films: The Good, the Bad, and the So Bad it’s Good We all have a favorite holiday film that warms our heart. Concurrently, I am sure we also have a list of movies that we love to hate on, movies that sometimes are so bad that they are actually good! Well this holiday season […]

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Tallman Talk #9: The Armchair Traveler: Antebellum Adventure Edition

Come join us for a Tallman Talk-Armchair Traveler event as we talk about traveling south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Special guest Keighton Klos will share her experiences traveling to various plantations in the Southern US. Check out all the neat places she and her family have visited, and hear all about the history and culture […]

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Tallman Talk #8

Mudslinging in a campaign is nothing new and is almost an American pastime! Come and join us for a quick 25 minute Tallman Talk about the history of mudslinging in American politics and see & hear some of the absolute worst things people have said during a campaign. Then try out your best impersonation of campaign […]

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Tallman Talk #7: National Parks Edition

Tallman Talk #7: The Armchair Traveler: National Parks Edition 2016 is the centennial celebration of the National Park Service and we are adding to the festivities by talking about America’s National Parks at our seventh Tallman Talk. Come and hear a short 25 minute presentation about Park Service history, and then gain valuable travel insights […]

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Celebrate the Olympics with the Historical Society

The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro are just around the corner and the Rock County Historical Society wants to celebrate. To that end, the Society will be hosting a mini-exhibit about the Olympics located on the main level of the Helen Jeffris Wood Museum Center at the RCHS campus. The Society will also […]

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Tallman Talk #6- Toys: Trauma Included

Get ready to explore the dark side of Toys, with our sixth Tallman Talk- Toys: Trauma Included. This time we are focusing on all of the fun toys that were marketed to children, without any forethought on how the toys could cause both drama and trauma. Come and hear a brief modern history about all […]

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