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Lincoln-Tallman House School Tours

Price based on # of students 90 minutes

School groups can take the Traditional Tour (learn about the construction of the mansion, the members and personalities of the Tallman family), or the Help Wanted Tour (roll up your sleeves, put on an apron, and participate in a variety of 19th-century chores and activities).


Product Description

Information for Teachers

Please note that your cart will read $0 and no payment is due upon submission. This form is used solely to reserve a tour time and date. Once RCHS staff receives your request they will contact you to confirm, provide additional details, and arrange for an invoice to be sent to you or your school district.
The base cost of all Lincoln-Tallman House school tours is $3/student; additional activities can be added for an additional, per-student fee.

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RCHS Tour Descriptions


Approximately 60 minutes in length. When Abraham Lincoln stayed at the Lincoln-Tallman House in 1859, it wove Rock County into the history of one of America’s greatest presidents. Learn about the construction of the mansion, the members and personalities of the Tallman family, and the events that caused Honest Abe to spend two nights in the house. NOTE: This tour does NOT include the basement.


Approximately 60 minutes in length. It’s time to descend the stairs and enter the world of servant life! That means rolling up your sleeves, putting on an apron, and participating in a variety of 19th century chores and activities. This tour is both interactive and entertaining for all age groups. NOTE: This tour does NOT include the main area of the house, or the room where Lincoln stayed.

RCHS Exhibits

Exhibits can be added to your campus experience for $1/student (includes one or both exhibits).


The story and history of superior ceramic craftsmanship, the decorative art of Pauline Pottery and Pickard China.


Come and experience history through a variety of storytelling mediums, that allow you to experience history like never before.

RCHS Activities

Activities can be added to your campus experience for $0.50/student.


Allow your students to experience getting ready to go off to war in the 1860s. They will learn what was needed for a soldier to be ready for military life, along with learning the history of the American Civil War.


Weather-permitting. Students will experience a variety of outdoor games that were popular during the Victorian period. They will enjoy learning how playing has changed over the years, and how much it has stayed the same.


To discuss other activity options, please email Nate Fuller or call him at (608) 756-4509 ext. 304.