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Preserving Our Legacy: The Charles Tallman Project – An Introduction

Renovating a building is a resource consuming project that can last months, even years. It takes a dedicated group of individuals all focused on one goal to get the job done right. No more is this true than with the Charles Tallman Project.

Exterior image of the Charles Tallman House

Charles Tallman House

Since 2010 when the Rock County Historical Society purchased the Charles Tallman residence at 430 N. Jackson Street, the organization and its supporters have been committed to providing a larger and more modern home for the genealogical resources
and archives of both the Rock County Historical Society and the Rock County Genealogical Society. 12,000 photographs, hundreds of maps, and thousands of documents provide researchers annually with the answers they seek in solving research queries pertaining to family history, local history, and writing a book.

For decades these resources have been located in the Wilson-King Stone house, a smaller facility that cannot continue to accommodate the growing number of visitors and archival collections that increase every year on campus. When the former Charles Tallman residence went up for sale in 2010, RCHS leadership saw the opportunity to both provide a new home for its archives as well as complete the acquisition of the final piece of the what will become the Rock County History Campus. Since this purchase a dedicated group of volunteers have committed themselves to transforming the facility into a research center Rock County can be proud of.

Follow this blog and the subsequent quotes to meet these people and witness this transformation.

6 thoughts on “Preserving Our Legacy: The Charles Tallman Project – An Introduction

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