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The Rock County Historical Society will become the

Portal to Rock County


, a destination that celebrates the past through storytelling and

engaging experiences about community. Each visitor will feel a renewed

sense that history is a relevant tool that can improve the economy and lives

in Rock County by bridging past to present. A venue to create one’s own

history through rentals and social gatherings, the Rock County Historical

Society will move beyond its borders to provide mobile experiences that

will reach to all corners of the Rock County.

Vibrant signs, lighting, and pathways will guide visitors to the site, day or

night. Parking will be aplenty for groups of all sizes and in close proximity

to orientation experiences. An interactive mix of interior and exterior spaces

will guide and direct a visitor to answer the question,

“Why is Rock County


. After an inspirational prelude, guests can choose their own

adventure, exploring each site and landscape, while being encouraged to

discover other historic sites in Rock County, Wisconsin.

Engaging educational experiences

will attract individuals and groups of all

ages through main messages and themes that define Rock County’s people,

places, resources and entrepreneurial spirit. From traditional exhibits and

lectures to engaging thematic Tallman tours and mobile offerings, stories

will be told in a multitude of ways, transforming the Historical Society into

a valued educational asset in the region.

Equally valued are

the people

that believe and support the mission of the

Historical Society. A growing staff, dedicated volunteers and interns are

passionate ambassadors of the County’s past and lead the programs that

convey it. With expanded operations the Historical Society will evolve and

with it, its ability to share stories.

By drawing more people to the site and providing experiences county-wide,

the Rock County Historical Society will become an

economic catalyst


a tourist destination that generations of local citizens and tourists alike will

embrace now and in the future for the perpetuation of Rock County’s


Guests can CHOOSE

their own adventure,

EXPLORING each site

and landscape, while

being encouraged to


historic sites in the Rock

County, Wisconsin.