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The planning and design seemed endless, yet our

focus was toward the light at the end of the


This resounding thought was ever present as the

Historical Society embarked on another plan, this

one much different from the newly launched

Strategic Plan of 2014. The

Campus Master Plan


created this past year, rivals its predecessor in

content and visualization while providing the nuts

and bolts of how our collection of sites and yet to be cultivated landscape

will transform into an iconic destination for Rock County.

The Plan is similar to an onion, peeling back layer after layer of detail as the

needs of our sites, landscape, operations and most importantly, our visitors

are addressed, for the present and the future. Once complete, the Plan will

make the collection of six sites into a cohesive

History Campus

, a process that

has caught the attention of our current supporters, new converts and the

Wisconsin museum community. Moving forward, it will serve as the blueprint in

helping us be entrepreneurial, with a focus on our goals and metrics to gauge

our success.

As the year moved forward, we added two key position to our staff team,

Volunteer/Intern Program Manager & Development Manager

; positions solely

devoted to resource development and with the Society's expected growth in

the coming years, the need will never be greater for human and financial

resources. A changing current within the Society during the past year was to

think differently about how we present and offer history to the community.

By embracing an

entrepreneurial and social mindset

, our team is dedicated

to improving the quality of life and economic development in Rock County. It

may seem difficult to see how history can make these connections or provide

this value, but museums and historic sites like ours are quickly adapting this

trend to stay relevant and sustainable.

2015 will be remembered by taking the path of courage and confidence with

the belief in something not yet complete.

Thank you for your belief in us and for your support in the exciting year to



Michael Reuter

Executive Director